Both tablets and liquid Gaviscon® effectively treat acid reflux and heartburn. Use whichever you prefer.

At the first sign of acid reflux or heartburn symptoms, take Gaviscon® right away.

Yes. Gaviscon® is recognized and recommended by doctors as well as pharmacists* in Canada.

*The Medical Post & L’actualité médicale 2013 Survey on OTC Counselling & Recommendations

There are no known or expected adverse events associated with the use of Gaviscon® when taken as directed. Aluminum in Gaviscon® Liquid may cause constipation. Magnesium in Gaviscon® Tablets may cause diarrhea. These conditions are very rare and typically would be associated with a very large dose. Unless otherwise directed by your healthcare professional, you should discontinue use if you do experience any side effects, if you have taken Gaviscon® for more than two weeks, or if your symptoms return. If you require additional information, please call us at 1-888-366-7475.

Although Gaviscon® can be taken anytime you have acid reflux or heartburn, it’s best to avoid taking Gaviscon® before a meal. Since it forms a foam barrier that sits on top of stomach acid, the food passing through the esophagus (throat) into the stomach can disrupt this barrier and compromise its effectiveness.

As soon as you start experiencing acid reflux or heartburn symptoms.

Since Gaviscon® works quickly, you can eat or drink again as soon as your symptoms subside. However, keep in mind that eating or drinking will break the foam barrier, and likely reduce the benefits.

Yes, you can take Gaviscon® with other medications. Similar to antacids, however, Gaviscon® should not be taken within 2 hours of other medications.

Gaviscon® shouldn’t be taken within 2 hours of another medication, as it may compromise its effectiveness. We strongly advise speaking to your doctor or pharmacist about taking Gaviscon® while on other medication(s).

Yes. However, do not take Gaviscon® if you suffer from kidney disease, except under your doctor’s advice.

<p>While Gaviscon® has not been studied for use during pregnancy, the active ingredients in this product have been proven safe for use during pregnancy.</p><p>Use as directed</p><p><a href="sites/gaviscon/files/GavisconClinical.pdf">Read more.</a></p>

Many doctors recommend Gaviscon® because it’s non-systemic, which means it does not enter your bloodstream. There have been no reported adverse effects on fetal development from the active alginate compounds in Gaviscon®. However, if you are nursing, we strongly advise consulting your doctor before taking any kind of medication.
Gaviscon® has been formulated to relieve acid reflux and heartburn. However, treatment of your child’s heartburn should be recommended to you by your child’s physician.

Gaviscon® forms a barrier on top of stomach contents that can be expected to last up to four hours. Traditional antacids generally last approximately thirty to sixty minutes.

Yes. The protective foam barrier is activated and starts to form when the Gaviscon® tablet is chewed. Gaviscon® liquid requires contact with stomach acid to trigger the foaming barrier.

Chewing on the tablet is what activates the foam and starts to create the protective barrier. Sucking on the tablets doesn’t allow the foam barrier to form all at once, which may reduce the product’s effectiveness. The tablets are also large, and not designed to be swallowed whole.

Alginic acid in Gaviscon® tablets is derived from extract of brown seaweed. The raw material source is 100% natural, non-toxic and safe for human consumption.

All Gaviscon® tablets and liquids are gluten-free.

All Gaviscon® tablets and liquids are lactose-free, except the Orange Burst® and Butterscotch flavours of Extra Strength Tablets.

All Gaviscon® tablets are aluminum-free. Liquid Gaviscon® does contain aluminum.

Gaviscon® liquids are sugar-free. Gaviscon® tablets contain sugar.

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