About Gaviscon®

The unique Gaviscon® formula works quickly to stop acid reflux and heartburn where they start!

The active ingredient in Gaviscon® Tablets and Liquids triggers the foaming action you can feel when you chew the tablets. (Liquid Gaviscon® foam is activated when it comes into contact with stomach acid.) Once swallowed, the foam builds a protective barrier between the top of your stomach and your esophagus (throat). This barrier prevents stomach acid from splashing back up (refluxing) into your esophagus, essentially performing the function of your Lower Esophageal Sphincter (LES). Blocking acid reflux, in turn, prevents the painful sensation of heartburn.

Take Gaviscon® to treat your acid reflux and heartburn at the first sign of symptoms.

For more on how Gaviscon® protects you from acid reflux and heartburn, check out our commercials!

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